Into the House

Today I enter into the House of the Lord; a place where I can let go and be me. I can sit with peace of mind knowing God will bring me to wholeness and repair all of my broken pieces and emotions. I am about to embark into unchartered territory. I am rounding the corner and counting down the days until I give up my full time position at my place of employment to working half time. I give up my comfort of money and security to enter into the House of the Lord to heal. My body is broken and is in need or repair. My mind is shot and is in need of repair. My soul has been broken for many years and needs to be repaired. I am going to enter into the house daily where I will find relief and release, compassion and joy, forgiveness of self and others and most importantly, I will find You, Lord. I am glad that You are calling me into the house. You are taking my hand saying, Let’s go into the house of the Lord! I am ready and willing to be used by you with my writing and enter into a new life, a fearless life, a joy-filled life, a peaceful life. I believe that my desire is finally becoming centered of your love, your peace and your will, not my wallet. If anyone is getting ready to embark into a new journey, be still and know God is God. How can you possibly go wrong if you are entering into the House every day? Because He is at my right hand, I will not be shaken. Psalm 16:8 NIV


4 thoughts on “Into the House

  1. elainestock January 10, 2013 / 9:23 am

    I am so there with you! Am writing this from work–LOL. Will be more in touch over weekend:)


  2. Lynn Severance April 16, 2013 / 12:13 pm

    Beth, I am exploring your site ( and life! ). This posting was a few months ago. I just wanted to share with you that in 1992 – nine years in to my journey with daily constant dizziness/vertigo, I had to leave my positions as an elementary classroom teacher. My career was the joy of my life but I was worn thin and I had God’s peace about leaving. As a single woman, I knew I’d have my pension and hoped I could get by on it. There was an option for state employees that one year to take an early retirement. It would take too many words to share how God has miraculously provided to me in all ways from the time I made that step in faith. ! I feel certain that with your step in faith – you will experience that same faithfulness! You are making it for all the right reasons.

    If you care to – the 4 August entries ( 2012 ) on my blog share my reflections from over these past 20 years post my retirement. It, too has been quite the journey.


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