Sex in the City vs Jesus in the City


For several years, I idolized the cast of four woman from the very popular, hit TV show, “Sex in the City.” As a writer, I mostly favored Carrie Bradshaw, played by Sarah Jessica Parker, because she had an incredibly glamorous newspaper column, with thousands of female followers each week, staying glued to each word she wrote. However, with each one of the ladies, Samantha Jones, Charlotte York and Miranda Hobbs, frenzied a certain style and conviction. They each strutted a certain strength and although their convictions were based around sex, drinking and drugs, at the time, I didn’t mind it; as a matter of fact, I loved when they would get together and gossip about their sex lives, or lack thereof. They appeared so empowered, so strong, so victorious and so committed to each other. Sad to admit, I was a Christian as I watch this series season after season.

Years later, when I came to my senses and stopped watching this show, I realized that I and other women were valued for so much more than our sense of style, our sex lives and even our professions. My life, is valued for who I am in Christ. Even though I still value my sense of style and my strength as an independent woman, I am also aware that my independence depends on God’s will. Being dependent on God doesn’t make me less of an independent woman. It makes me feel stronger in my own skin because when I’m walking by His will or guidance, I can hold my head high knowing I’m walking the right way, the proper and moral way that He has called me to be.

Today while thinking of this sitcom, I began to write a fictitious television script in my head; “Jesus in the City.” I would  have a cast of four beautiful women who also walked the streets of the city with heads held high. With each step they took, they were not walking with sexy legs showing or cleavage hanging about for others to gawk over, but rather, they walked with accountability and proper moral standards. Rather than going to bars and talking about their sex lives, they would go to coffee shops and hover over the latest clean fiction. Oh, I would make sure that they would still share their deep personal secrets, but not to brag or gossip but rather to pray and glean wisdom from each other; just like Mary and Elizabeth did in the Bible. Just as Elizabeth recognized the unique blessedness of Mary because of the child she was bearing, these four fictitious women would consider themselves blessed because of the joyful friendships they shared.

Would my version of “Sex in the City” be in the top ratings? Probably not! It would not be popular in the homes of the average standard families. Unfortunately, it might not even be popular in the homes of Christian families. Why? Because we’ve lost touch with what is important to mimic for our younger gals. We’ve forgotten that our bodies are made for our mates eyes only. We’ve forgotten that we are not valued by our size, our status or even our profession. We are valued for being women of God. That’s the highest standard ever.

We’ve forgotten that being a Christian woman does not mean a dull, boring life; quite the opposite. We can still chat, share a meal, laugh and pray with one another. We can still turn to each other in times of need and our lives don’t have to be flaunted about over a table at the bar.

Okay, my confession though. I’d still love to be that independent female newspaper columnist that other women would desire to follow, but until God directs my footsteps in that direction, my blog will have to do for now.

Ladies, value yourselves for more than your appearance; for more than your accomplishments or even profession. Value yourself because you are a child of God and He loves you so very much so.beth 3