Decontaminate Me O Lord

IMG_1158Matthew 5:8 Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.

What does purify mean? According to Webster On-line Dictionary, it means to remove contaminants; refine and decontaminate.

Do you have areas of your life that need refining or decontaminating? I think we all do. Its part our growing in Christ.

At my age, stepping forward into, the “better years,” of life with confidence and peace, means that some serious cleansing and refining has taken place. Well, yes, it has, but guess what? There’s still more to be done. Ugh.  I desire to live this part of my life with less stress, more peace and ready to be used by God.  How about you? Are you looking to live your life with just a little bit more peace? In order for us to achieve this, We have to allow a refining process to take place.                              ID-100277541

I was recently watching a program on how Saki is made. From what I could gather, part of the process starts from refining rice that goes through a hopper and then a steamer that removes some mold spores. But, not all of the mold is removed; some mold must remain. The portion that remains in the mixture, must germinate for 24 hours in a highly sanitized room. It is then poured into vats for 18 days for the purifying process to be complete. There are more details that I don’t fully understand but I do understand that the meaning of refining according to this process means, taking something yucky, refining it until it becomes cleansed, hence becoming useful. Not very scientific terminology, but you get the point. The refining process takes a lot of time until it can be useful. (I’m not a drinker of Saki, by the way).

God’s refining is all about our hearts. We all have impure, unclean thoughts that can be used to hurt or harm others. But God removes the yucky stuff from our mind and hearts when we surrender and when we keep our focus on Him. He does this so that we may become a better vessel to do His work.

Here’s my problem though, I don’t want to wait 24 hours and definitely not 18 days to be purified in heart. I want it now. I want to know what is going on with situations in my life now. I want to be cleansed and decontaminated but I don’t want to go through the sometimes long painful process. But, I have to; otherwise I will become a repeat offender. Anyone with me?

How can we hang tight when we are starting to spiral out of control and we know cleansing is necessary? We need to get down on our knees in surrender to the Most Magnificent God! The God who has so much grace for us! Just this last week I was in church on my knees praying and crying for God’s understanding. It was then that I knew I had to hang in there and wait for the refining process to end.  I recalled the words that Jesus spoke during His famous Sermon on the Mount: Matthew 8:5; Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. 

Pure in heart; that doesn’t mean we are without sin. That doesn’t mean we are without temptation or that we won’t stumble from time to time.  What it means is being fixated on Jesus being the spiritual center of our lives. We are the branches and He is the vine. (John 15:1-17).

We are blessed when we are seeking purity; seeking God’s best for our lives and truly desiring freedom from spiritual pollution. The process can be painful too, but we have to go the distance and wait. Why? Because God is not in the business of fixing things until our heart is on board with His will.

Does your heart need a filtration system installed? Know and rest in God’s healing words in Psalm 139:15-16:
You were not a mistake, for all your days are written in My book. He is going to take care of you while your’e being refined. He is never going to let you struggle alone. Oh what a glorious God we have.

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