Don’t Detach From the “God” Stuff in Life


Is there something or someone you are trying to detach from?

Detachment doesn’t come naturally for many of us. In order to move on in our lives and live in the freedom that God intends for us, sometimes detachment is necessary. But, detach from what? Certainly not God; no, we are to stay attached at the hip with the Man who created us.

When I choose to detach, I see things clearly and realize that it was never for me to have and control to begin with. As believers, how can we practice the principle of detachment when necessary?ID-10069211

First of all, we must stay in constant prayer. My all time favorite prayer is the Serenity Prayer. I have it posted on my refrigerator, it’s on my prayer altar and in most of my Bibles. God is the only one who can equip you with the wisdom necessary in deciphering to let go or not. Over the last few years, I’ve had to learn to detach from unhealthy people and situations. It was hard but necessary. Now, my life is being lived in freedom.

Detachment is not a curse but a gift. 

Dear God: Today I will only hold onto your grace and stay attached to you, I will detach from the unhealthy areas of my life.

What do you need to detach from? This is not a question to take lightly. You should give it much thought. Is there a coworker, a friend or spouse’s behavior that you need to let go of? Whatever it is, God will equip you with the right tools. Don’t detach from Him. If you go astray, you will l give up the best part of your being.

Matthew 10:38 NIV
Whoever finds their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life for my sake will find it.

Come and join us at living by grace as we talk about detaching from harmful people or behaviors.