Singing Eagles

Do you ever take the time to listen to the birds singing?eagle

It’s the presence of light that stirs the birds to sing

Earlier this summer, we had a nest of baby eagles squawking non-stop. They were cute at first and reminded me that they are part of God’s creation; however, they became annoying because they were squawking morning after morning WAY too early. I just wanted them to fly away.

Birds wings grow and stretch then thy span patches of air. First tentatively they will try to fly, then with full confidence, they know their destination and soar. Unlike birds though, we confuse our time here on earth, with obsessions of where we live and where we’re going that we actually lose our ability to fly.

While observing the baby birds for a week,

I felt a humbling lesson tug at my heart.

When I first came to know Christ, I was cautious. My relationship with Him was new and unfamiliar but as time went by and 25 yeas later, I usually will soar with confidence and faith.

I find myself not allowing love with all of it’s risks teach me to be just as confident. Here I am, over two years later, still hoarding my independence and not being dependent on the love God has for me. My mind has gathered places I’ve needed to go and persons I’ve needed to be. AND now, I am feeling differently about the ambition of my direction.

Now, how about you? Soar, collect some twigs of faith and build your nest of love.

beth 3