What Can Result From Your Tears by Beth Farley

What do you do when you don’t know what to do? Don’t answer right away without really giving that some thought.

I’ve been stricken with some serious decisions to make over the last year and it’s been one of the hardest times of my life. I’ve been brought to my knees many times in tears of fear and pain; crying out to God for guidance.

What can result in our tears? IMG_0767

We can see His will for our lives through our tears of pain. When I am sitting in a puddle of tears feeling semi-paralyzed and yet conscious of the uncertainties of my life; God wraps His arms around me and engulfs me with His love. Through drenched eyes, He reveals the bigger picture. I go from feeling foundered and discombobulated to feeling connection and worth.

We were made by God and for God!

If we were made by God and for God, why do we founder? For myself, I know that I become absorbed in myself and the preoccupations of life that I forget how to balance my emotions and enjoy the life God has richly blessed me with. I forget He has a bigger purpose for me.

Like most of you, I have experienced hardships. I have had marriages, lost loved ones, lost homes, lost jobs, lost friends and my have lost my health. I have discovered that in order to survive I have to possess an inner, very deep personal relationship with Jesus. I have to keep my focus on Him.

When I take my eyes off of Jesus and my relationship with Him becomes compromised, I find myself not knowing what to do about any given situation I’m faced with.

Don’t take your eyes off the prize!
eyesI pursue as my goal the prize promised by God’s heavenly call in Christ Jesus.
Philippians 3:14 HCSB

My tears have taught me that although I’ve known much sorrow, my life has great and ultimate meaning if I stay nestled in God and in His love for me.

We are citizens of an imperishable kingdom and have a short tenure on this planet. Are we going to live it in victory of sorrow?

For many of us, this the time of year brings joy while spending time with family and friends but for some, it is the time for much pain, sorrow and emptiness. And for you my friends that are hurting, please know that God will balance the debris of your life and will come to your rescue.

Pour your tears out to Him and allow Him to bring you to Victory.

Matthew 14:14 Amplified
When he went ashore and saw a great throng of people, He had compassion (pity and deep sympathy) for them and cured the sick.

Psalm 30:2 NKVJ O’ LORD my God, I cried out to You, And You healed me.

Isaiah 58:8 NKJV Then your light shall break forth like the morning. Your healing shall spring forth speedily, and your righteousness shall go before you; the glory of the LORD shall be your right guard.

When was the last time you cried out to God?

Where did your tears take you?

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Cutting Down Bamboo


Today I took on a huge task. I promised my son I wouldn’t do it; but I did. I cut down a bamboo tree. Not only did I cut it down but I cut it with a huge kitchen butcher knife.
My son instructed me to get an estimate on having it cut down. But, stubborn me, I figured I could save him some money and get some exercise at the same time, so I did it my way.securedownload-14

I walked into the back yard and thought, “How hard can this be?” I changed my clothes, grabbed my work gloved and kitchen butcher knife. I hacked and chopped, pulled and snapped the branches then loaded ix bags worth of bamboo. Then I hauled it all down to his driveway for the trash men to pick up.

Four hours later, two skin abrasions and sweat pouring down my face and back, I finally came to a kick-in-the-pants conclusion; I should have listened to my son. Today I am very sore and am finding it very hard to move around.securedownload-10

I do the same thing with God. He instructs me to do something one way or not to do it at all, but I, in my own stubbornness, do it anyway. Been there? Just frustrates me when I know I should not have fast food and there I am in the drive thru of a fast food joint. It’s a never ending process with me; with most of us.

This new journey of mine is about my actions and listening to the heart of God before making decisions. I believe I cared too much about this bamboo task. Hear me out. Sometimes a person can be over-caring; especially women. I over cared too much that I put myself in danger. I took on a responsibility just because of my ego and to help my son. He knows my physical limitations and that’s why he said, “No mom.”

God puts boundaries all around us. His boundaries help create mutual balance in our lives. They help us keep ourselves accountable for our actions. There was a boundary set yesterday and I crossed the line. God has planted me here for a time to write, slow down, soul search, seek a forgiving heart and move forward in my life. In Ecclesiastes we are told “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven,” (3:1) Had I taken the time to relax, write, and do as I was instructed to do, I wouldn’t be so sore and tired today.securedownload-15

Today, I will stop struggling with having to slow down and stop taking on huge tasks when I’m still recovering. I will let go of my belief that I have to do everything because I am not paying any rent. I will replace it with the belief that I can walk this journey in ease and peace.

Have you crossed a line lately? Did you take something too far? Did you step over God’s boundary?

Psalm 78:1 O my people, hear my teaching, listen to the words of my mouth. NIV

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