Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, do I Reflect God’s Love at All?


The mystery in love, in work and in life is being ourselves. Our essential nature is not change who we are~it is to enhance what God has given us.

By enhancing the beautiful beings we are, we must stay close to God’s direction. We must take a look at ourselves and ask, do I reflect Your love God? When we pause, and truly think on this question, we will see all of His love, that fills our hearts as we become more of ourselves in Jesus Christ. The best part is that His love is unconditional; we don’t have to beg for it. We just have to accept it and enhance it by loving others.

Anything or anyone who asks you to be other than who you are in Christ is not in tune with God themselves. They will make you stumble and fall. This will cause a blockage in your heart, causing you to be unable to feel God’s love and worse yet, reflect it.

I pondered on today’s scripture in church and was reminded that people who cause dissensions and obstacles with their smooth talk are capable of causing me to doubt God’s love. I want to reflect Him in all that I do.(Romans 16:17-18) I can do plenty of stumbling on my own, I don’t need help from someone else who might trip me up even more.

The smallest stem of a damaged heart, holds the essence of who we are. We all have hurt and pain. We must take that damage that’s been done, saving the scraps of experience to help remind us of how powerful the Healing Heavenly Father is.

Thank you Jesus for every great experience you give me, and even for the not-so-great ones I cause myself. I just want to learn more, grow more and give more.