A Gift

ring 3

Have you ever received a gift that was very special to you? Maybe it was not necessarily because of the price tag, but more the thought that was put into giving the gift.

Recently I’ve received a very precious gift; a gift that has cost me a lot of patience and faith! It’s a very different kind of gift; it’s pure and tender; a gift I’ve been praying for well over a year.

When I was a young girl, my grandfather found a little silver ring. He had it polished up and had my initials engraved inside. I wore that ring everywhere and I was forever loosing it. Once the neighbor boy had it on his pinky finger. He kept telling me that it was his. I instructed him to look inside the band and it would show my initials. Sure enough, they realized it was mine and returned it. This ring has been through marriages, births, miscarriages, divorces, deaths, moves, job changes and all other crazy life events. No matter how many times I’ve lost this precious ring, it has alway shown up. I now wear it on my pinky finger.ring

Like my love for God; He is always with me through my up’s and down’s and even when I feel like I’ve lost Him, He always shows up. With a little prayer and faith, things can change.

As I’ve been praying for this new precious gift to finally arrive in my life, I’ve had to make some discerning choices. I no longer experience my life as a doubtful woman but rather a woman of faith and orderly direction. This new gift is so much better than a piece of jewelry; it’s the gift of love and acceptance for who I am. Thank you God.

If you could receive a gift, what kind of gift would it be?

If you could be a gift to someone, what would that gift be?

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