From Pretzel to Toast


I am the luckiest gal in the world today. Okay, maybe I’m stretching that a little bit, but, I have to say how blessed I feel and how happy I am.

I tried a real pretzel rod yesterday; you know the kind that has wheat gluten in it!!! Yup, one of those; and I had no reaction. I had a slight headache during the night but I really think I over dosed on some chocolate. Yea, I know better; too much chocolate is not good right before bed.

I was twisting and twirling that salty stick, taking mouse size nibbles, waiting in anticipation for some sort of reaction; but, there wasn’t any. I figured that I would be in the bathroom all night long or in bed with stomach cramps; my love goes out to those who suffer from a gluten reaction, hugs!!! I didn’t get anything.

Today I graduated from the pretzel. I had a piece of whole wheat toast; the kind I used to eat. The kind I loved with honey and peanut butter. I nibbled away at it taking almost a half hour to eat it and lo and behold!!! NOTHING AGAIN.  I couldn’t believe it; still can’t. I’m waiting for something to react but nothing. No skin rashes, no headaches and again no tummy troubles.

Do you mean all of these months I’ve had to go without gluten and I never needed to? I have spent six months being stuck in my own mind regarding what and whatnot to eat in fear of what kind of reaction I might have. And being stuck in there was torturous with no way out. At the time of being diagnosed with Celiac, I never once gave it a thought that it would be temporary, but not only was it temporary, it actually just never WAS!!!

Oh I could be madder than a pistol but know what? I’m not. It gave me a better appreciation of those who do suffer with Celiac or other auto-immune disorders. It gave me the opportunity to eat healthier and really, isn’t that what we are supposed to do? Take care of our temple?

I’m still unsure of what my diagnosis is though. I am now going to see a nephrologist, one that specializes in the kidney’s. I’m about burnt out of doctors, but I have to keep my head up, looking towards God rather than myself and my own little pity party. I have been asking since the beginning of all of this, starting from last April 2012,

What symbolic meaning can I draw from this experience? I would have to reply with, I’m learning to lean on God so much more than I used to. I am trusting in His wisdom, trusting in family and friends praying for me and supporting me and I am empowered to keep going one day at a time, taking the needed time to heal because I’m worth it. I never felt that way before. I always felt like a burden or a bother to others that took care of me, but not anymore; I am worth it.

So, from pretzel to whole wheat toast  was all good eating’s!!! I don’t know what tomorrow will bring, maybe some real pasta.



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