Who Give You the Right?

no tresspassing

What gives people the right to trespass? Many do every single day. Many have no boundary line; they trample, stomp on and push aside others to get what they want. They somehow feel they have the right-of-way. What is the point of a “no-trespassing” sign if we are going to do whatever we want? What does trespass mean? It means to break a moral or social law and to commit a sin. (Bing Dictionary).

Let’s discuss a Biblical character who felt he had the right to trespass on Jesus. His name was Judas Iscariot; the betrayer; thief and yet a disciple. Judas deliberately took money from the chief priests to betray Jesus. He trespassed on Jesus even after he broke bread and sang songs with him. The result; Judas committed suicide because he couldn’t deal with the remorse of such a betrayal. As Christians, we are all called to be Disciples of Christ but we are all tempted to trespass as well.

A few modern-day examples trespassing on others, reminded me of this very person. There was a woman who felt she had the right to trespass on another woman’s life and it not only caused her a job but cause her to sink into a deep depression. Doesn’t the Bible say bring your issue before the person and if that doesn’t work, get the elders involved etc.? Who has the right to trespass like this?

A parking space is open under a car-port. There are assigned car-ports in the neighborhood but even though the sign says, “private-property” a person takes it upon herself to give that space out because the owner never parks in it. Who gives her that right?

A mother gets called into a school because her son has done something wrong. Instead of the mother taking action with the son, she jumps all over the principal in front of the son. Who does the mother think she is? Why does she feel she has the right to do that without any facts?

What gives us the right to encroach on someone or break a social law? We all do it to some degree. Why? Weather we know it or not, at the time, we are thinking evil thoughts. There are scriptures that focus on keeping our eyes on Jesus. Another words; if you focus on the evil; you will be tempted and probably will do evil. If you focus on Jesus; you will do good. The deep root of this is that we should be transformed by filling our minds with the fullness of Christ and thinking at the highest level of our potential in Him.

We don’t have the right to give out parking spaces; rat on co-workers for self-fulfillment; yell at a principal or betray a trust for our own purpose. Think of your words; think of your actions. Don’t be a Judas Iscariot by getting greedy and think only about yourself.

Words matter: you have more power over other people than you may have ever imagined. Your words can cause someone to get fired, someone to sin, and someone to go right down into the dark hole you’re living in. You have the power to either spark enthusiasm or to kill it; to build confidence or to destroy it; to foster peace or to steal it. Your words are not something you have to purchase either. You have the power to say what’s right. “May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O LORD, my Rock and my Redeemer?” Psalm 19:14.

Think about the Lord’s Prayer: “And forgive those who trespass against me.” He has forgiven you. The difference between Judas Iscariot and us is that even though he felt remorse for trespassing on Jesus, he never asked for forgiveness. We don’t have to do that. When we hurt others we can come before the throne of God and simply ask for forgiveness . But the next step is even harder; go to the person you’ve offended and ask for their forgiveness as well. It’s harder to do because they don’t have unconditional love for you like Jesus does.


Do you owe someone an apology?


Did you do something to someone that you should not have?


Are you afraid to ask for forgiveness?


You can go to Christ for help. He will forgive and then give you the strength you need to ask others for forgiveness.


TRESSPASS: You don’t have the right! Judas did not have the right? He didn’t ask for forgiveness; You can!!!

God today I ask that if someone reads this meditation and feels they need to ask for forgiveness, You will give them the strength. You will show them the way and the truth and the light. Lord, if there is someone that needs to take their actions further by asking another for forgiveness, I pray that they will carry your Spirit with them. God, if there is someone I need to go to please show me and humble me to do so.

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